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Luxottica South Eastern Europe

The world leader of manufacture and design within the optical industry, Luxottica decided to open their own offices in Romania, just to provide better support and incentives for the development of the entire market.

We provided the client with a complex turn-key project and reposition of the existing installation in order to match the requirements of the new layout of the client.

We laid professional office heavy duty carpet in the office area, PVC in the kitchen where we fit appliances to the existing spaces within the kitchinette. Award winning Uffix furniture was brought for the client in order to accommodate its existing headcount, as well as creating an impressive meeting and conference point for the internal meetings as well as for the clients that could be easily notified regarding the novelties brought on the market by Luxottica's designers.

A combination between office decoration and natural plants wall managed to bring a fresh aspect of the office interior, therefore the company's guests could notice an interesting combination of various natural and standard decoration items.

Ergonomic office chairs are bringing the comfort desired by the employees of the company during longer office hours, plus design soft seating are bringing pleasant aspect to the guests.


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