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EPA Floors

Following the maximum expansion of the real-estate and decoration projects, EPA Floors - the importer of the luxurious florring for commercial and hospitality market opened a flagship office dedicated to the professional clients.
Using fantastic lounge products, we created relaxed discussions zones, professional working zones, dismountable professional partitions, quite meeting area with natural wood veneer finishings, as well as exclusive executive products for the General Manager.
The professionally decorated office was meant to be a space for people to feel welcome: for employees to feel the joy of involving into work activities in a pleasant manner, for the professionals visiting to be a great area of illustration and solutions discovery, while for partnering companies a place for warm hangouts.


Barrio Residence Bucuresti
Str. Maior Alexandru Campeanu No.4-6, Sector 1, Bucharest 011237
+40 749 928 486
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