Hospitality industry accounts nowadays for about 10% of the world’s GDP and will continue to grow for a steady rate (except for the pandemic periods or economic crises). Under these circumstances, it is very important to analyze what we have to do in order to attract turists. This starts from a simple fact: the image we create in an accommodation unit, how we decorate a hotel. Besides the good quality for services and location, it is essential to offer our potential tourists an estetic comfort. The right interior design for a hotel is a balance between the type of accommodation, number of stars and its functionality.
The interior of a hotel must be thought as a whole, from the concept to the selection of the accessories. Our experience in decorating hotels, allows us to offer architects and interior designers for hotels (implicit the end clients who operate the hotel) adequate solutions for the demands and decoration concept. We offer integrated solutions to decorate a hotel, being able to create the so called „Contract” concept – from customized interior products for a hotel room, flooring, waiting and bar areas, conference halls, pool & outdoor spaces.


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