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Since the beginning of our activity in 2001, Interior Resources was a trustful partner for the multinational companies searching for solutions to decorate their premises. Long time we operated in the commercial sector, today is a time to evolve and grow in another area of expertise.

Actively operating for 20 years plus, since 2001, it was a logic step towards evolution: backed by young and ambitious second generation of the family represented by Razvan Dubinciuc, our company will setup, maintain and develop IR World – located in Bucharest City Center few steps away from Piata Victoriei (1 Mai square market).

Taking advantage of an easily accessible location from all parts of Bucharest, and with many free street parking, the new design show-room is thought as one stop shop, a hub for unique, tailored decorating solutions, distinguished on the local mature market: from top notch kitchen designs, to special lounge sofas, ergonomic beds and mattresses, capable to adapt to anatomic shape of the human body, well-structured dressings, all the way to transformable elements for living areas and young generation room decorations.


It has a very simple answer: because we use our Experience in the field and Quality of the products we supply from our partner companies, to create Sustainable Design projects and Deliver Work to the client.

IR World showroom will be available to our clients by appointment only, and will be opened to architects, designers, builders and developers on 24/7 basis when they require to search solutions for their projects. We made this setup in order to be very efficient for the people who visit us and dedicate our energy and knowledge towards the customers who needs our products and services.

The products included in the IR World concept are innovative in the field of design and we would like to have the capability of introducing last generation products, materials and technical solutions to the specialists that are interested to differentiate in their work performed.

For people that visit us looking for solutions, we will always have surprises that awaits to be discovered in a very pleasant environment and handling client’s calendar as efficient as possible. We placed for our clients, the most interesting items concerning a decoration: furniture systems, chairs, lounge sofas and armchairs, lighting, fabrics, window solutions, special paints and many other interesting items.


Barrio Residence Bucuresti
Str. Maior Alexandru Campeanu No.4-6, Sector 1, Bucharest 011237
+40 749 928 486
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