Product Installation

As an immediate consequence of any product supply, we offer product installation, maintenance and warranty services to our clients. In order to serve the ever changing needs of the modern office environments, we are capable to handle the installation of the modular systems, freestanding office furniture, installation of aluminum frame or gypsum plaster partitions, heavy duty traffic carpet, tiles, window blinds or rolls, etc.

In order to help our clients preserve their products: the relocation of the office furniture, modular partitions and equipment are in the area of our expertise. We could tackle any kind of jobs from the delivery of a single chair to installing hundreds of workstations. During the installation process, we offer, free-of-charge instructions for the use of furniture products delivered, especially for the use of ergonomic office chairs mechanisms. Since the ergonomic studies offers the users to possibility to eliminate the pressure points within long seating postures, we make sure that your employees know how to handle the technical aspect of a chair setup.

Every year, as a standard, we provide furniture assessment and maintenance services, desks or cabinets alignment, chairs fabrics cleanup or other maintenance service in order to make sure furniture is well preserved and long term lasting.In the case when any manufacturing fault comes up during the warranty period, we facilitate our client the supply of the necessary parts that are installed by our professional logistic teams. A claim should be submitted in writing, then all you need to do is to let us handle the issue until the claim has been solved.


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