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Furniture could be split into 2 categories: fixed items and independent ones. Within the fixed items we could name: storage, desk (with minibar) and headboard. The independent items relate to: chairs, armchairs and coffee tables. The required materials differ according to the hotel category, selected interior design, impression meant to make for the hotel guests and varies from: laminates/chipboard, to lacquered or veneered MDF and upholstered products. As a general rule, we do not recommend the use of solid wood products due to its relatively low mechanical strength compared to the other materials, while solid wood still „moves” in time. Very often, beneficiaries ignore a good practice related to the furniture, which is that textiles used on the upholstered furniture items to be fire rated, as a protection to customers.
We are capable to interprete, for the right price, the particular design of a hotel room products, in order to satisfy the interior design and to match the budget constraints.


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