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One of the items that is usually better taken care of in a hotel decoration is the flooring, duet o its extensive wear and tear actions. It is also one of the estetic and comfort elements, since in the hotel room usually people are walking bearfoot, while the lobby florring provides the tourist with the first impression regarding the hotel he just came into. Ads a general rule, heavy traffic products must be used here (class min 32) mixture of wool & polyamide, height of 8-10 mmand min weight of 950 gr/m2. Ideally in the hotel rooms, under the surface should be installed an underlay (felt, or rubber) which provides a better touch as well as a better acoustic into the room.
In the common areas: hallways, conference center a more resistant carpet should be installed, with a higher resistence to use, in order to match the heavy traffic of these areas. In the hotels are also sometimes used other surfaces – wood composites, ceramic or with ceramic protective layer. A significant role in the estetics of an area are the vertical claddings; they may also assure a supplimentary level of comfort when special acustic materials are used.


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