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Porsche Bucuresti Vest 1

Porsche Bucuresti Vest 1 reprezents the first major investment of the automotive sector in the western side of Bucharest, that was followed by an unprecedented development of this sector in the area.

Porsche opened this door for auto market and created a beautiful multi brand show-room for Volkswagen, Skoda and used cars (Welt Auto). 

Interior Resources was proud to support this project with the specialized furniture and equipment required by the corporate identity concept:
-standard VW furniture
-custom designed products meant to match the CI colours and details
-accessories for the auto sales points and work stations
-executive furniture for the gallery
-ergonomic CI chairs of Dauphin: task chairs, visitor chairs, canteen and bistro products, special lounge sitting areas
This difficult task was accomplished with great success and Porsche was able to open the show-room in time with all details fitted into their posts.


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