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Ramada Hotel Sibiu

Located right into the old city centre of the former European Cultural Capital Sibiu, The Ramada Hotel offers a great connection to the city's business area. 

Opened in 2007, the hotel offers highest quality services for business travels as well as leisure, in a discreet and welcoming environment.

Outstandingly designed and decorated by the team of the famous Architect Constantin Ciurea, this hotel used the highest standards for quality and aspect of the products that were used inside, representing a stunning example of sophisticated architecture.

From the important little details of the standard single room to the complex furnishing of the Executive Suite, we provided the contractors of this venue with the necessary items.

We delivered chairs, collectivity seating for Auditorium Hall, tables, sofas and other design accents and lamps, in order to proudly participate in the decoration of this hospitality project.


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