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OZER Construction

Ozer Construction was following a booming period during the rapid growth of Romanian real-estate sector mid 2000s, therefore came the necessity to expand an create an adequate work environment for its employees and a representative space for its clients and guests.

The interior space that was implemented represented a complex solution provided at a higher level of details, requiring the full attention of our specialists. Bright furniture products manufactured in Italy were combined with strong coloured ergonomic seating meant to create a strong contrast and captor the eye of the visitor.

The offices created were alternating between open space areas divided between various departments and individual closed offices for managerial, executive or meeting / conference use. Transparent partitions were used to allow natural light into the general area and creating bright corridors for accessing every office point.


Barrio Residence Bucuresti
Str. Maior Alexandru Campeanu No.4-6, Sector 1, Bucharest 011237
+40 749 928 486
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