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These ranges of products play a more and more important role into nowadays offices, being necessary to create an informal area in the office where we can relax, wait for a colleague, follow informal meetings, or look into a documentation and we do not want to sit in a chair. With this purpose, were created many items which offers technological and acoustic solutions to provide privacy for individuals or groups and keep them away from disturbing other colleagues who work separately in the open space. Nevertheless, these products must be supported by acoustic elements, either integrated within soft-seating, or around informal meeting areas. Otherwise we may run into a large noise within the office.
Nowadays we are using technology more and more frequently , therefore the newly created area needs to satisfy the user with laptop (plugs, voice-data), a smart phone user or a group of people involved in a conference call with another group located remote (communication devices).
These areas are usually designed in distinct colours (bright and fresh), being able to identify themselves as oasis within the offices, breaking the monotony, along with natural plants or colourfull libraries that create dynamic environments. Lighting within these areas is usually different, bringing in more freshness and joy.


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