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3M Customer Innovation Center

We’ve been servicing 3M in Romania for over 10 years. Therefore, its representatives, contacted us in order to tack part into the decoration project for the new project of company: the Customer Innovation Center. This is an Illustration of the company’s history, present and future, illustrating 3M’s ability to handle any kind of challenge by a continuous innovation. 

Despite the field 3m is involved with, they try and succeed, to be leader of this segment, bringing constant value and novelties to its beneficiaries and partners.

The Italian architect, who provided the design of this fantastic project, imagined a representative image of the company, in fine details, of each of the elements defining the departments of the company. Besides a general presentation and generous lounge, conference, meeting and relaxation area, there exist individual zones very well defined for each of the department of the 3M; with these zones, the most significant product are well represented in a special designed environment.

We have successfully interpreted the architect’s vision of creating the High-tech image of company, illustrating 3M’s ability to present the future few seconds earlier than the moment it is happening. The “TRIFECTA” elements defining the new company’s branding were translated into a continuous PVC flooring, managing to overcome the challenging raised flooring of the building.

The conference Hall is presented in similar details, but into a warm flooring basis, mare of Burmatex design carpet, in a pleasant and modern design, intelligently appearing through the transparency of the Unifor Spa single glazed partition, Progetto25. 

We would like to thank 3M representatives for the opportunity to take part and use our expertise within the frame of such a fantastic project – a special reference.


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