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Skanska Romania

One of the Europe's largest real-estate development company began an extraordinary development strategy, Green Court being their initial, succesful project. We are proudly announce our cooperation with Skanska for this succesful development. We have provided solutions for the decoration of the reception and lobbies of the 3 office buildings Skanska has raised so far.
     For Green Court 3, we managed to provide a succesful combination between standard design products and tailor made solutions, combination of various materials such as Corian, HPL, custom heavy duty fabrics and strength of the stainless steel. According to the architect's specification we combined Corian covered metal consoles, communication areas with multiple unit charging devices, with HPL planters. The final touch up of the configuration was the delivery of the design waiting sofas with Hannes Wetstein coffee tables.
We are happy we could answer the architectural project with adapted solutions and details brought to perfection.


Barrio Residence Bucuresti
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