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Within this area of decorating an interior of a house, hotel, common area, we take pleasure introducing luxury items designed by major architects and designers of our times: Stefano Giovannoni, Lorenza Bozzoli, Paolo Rizzato, Richard Hutten, Elisa Giovannoni, Setsu & Shinobu Ito, etc and masterly construed by Ghidini 1961, partner that we proudly represent in Romania.

From chairs and sofas, to single or modular sofas, to dining and coffee tables, all sorts of accessories, carpets and many more, we have a wide variety of choices in order to complete a luxurious decoration solution.

The top quality of materials, doubled by family traditions of top artisans and luxury craftmanship of Ghidini 1961 – manufacturer of metallic elements, wooden arts and upholstered refined unique objects – is available in Romania by our proud partnership with manufacturer. Ghidini 1961 products are not only meant to decorate a refined environment, but they represent something valuable that can be passed over through generations thanks to its intrinsic and long lasting value blended with iconic and timeless design.


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