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Kitchen, as a core point of each home, represents the most complex item of a home decoration. It is made of a wide mixture of elements which should blend in a saphisticated way, to mingle with each other properly in a rigurous, fluid manner, to integrate the available technology, thus differentiating between a simple/general product and a masterpiece of the home interior design. We experienced Aster Cucine products in North American market with outstanding results and continue to develop together with its products in Europe with other challenges, budgets and design expectations. Aster has an old tradition in furniture manufacture, this is why it is capable to harmoniously combine the main design elements: modern (industrial), contemporary and traditional, with available technologies and visible accesories. The result: an oustanding product, top notch quality infinite opportunities to design the space, as per designer’s creativity. Even we are dealing with top quality, we are facing a competitive prive level, Aster prefers to invest in manufacture technologies, technical breakthroughs , people, instead of expensive branding. Let along the fact that, with this level of quality and design, Aster may offer any customization process required, according to the space restraints and project. Dining elements are logically completing the kitchen lines as a part of a whole, perfectly integrated into the design concept.


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