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Optik Tataru -Radauti-

Family Tataru entitled us with the task of creating a corporate identity for their chain of glasses stores. We carefully studied the store spaces available and came up with an integrated solution that could be applicable to each of the individual space that will be decorated. Located in Suceava City Center, the flagship store was integrating flooring, walls, floating ceiling, display, counseling, admin, waiting, lighting and branding solutions. The result was a stunning decoration, the most advanced optical store in Romania, which was, as per our beneficiaries expected, but didn’t believe to obtain.
Therefore the final result was even more spectacular and successful. Towards the end of the decoration, we managed to separate the areas within the store, using branded Window graphic solution, an innovative though semi-translucent solution.
We would like to thank Family Tataru for this on-going challenging bur extremely interesting project.


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