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Intesa San Paolo Imi Bank Romania

After the acquisition of San Paolo Imi by Banca Intesa, the famous leader of the branding of the companies operating mainly in the financial service sector Allen International from London, has setup an entire new image for the new financial entity. The image was supposed to set a new trend within the banking retail activities. With a very open image and attitude centered towards clients instead of internal bureaucracy and transparency, the new image shocked with a whole series of custom designed products meant to identify the opening of the bank towards its clients.
With custom made products based on Formica laminate materials, combined with brushed steel metal details, coloured plexiglass translucent signs and environment dividers, the request for products was not an easy one.
The standard product chosen consisted in: special lighting fixtures, design lounge chairs, 4 legs swivel base visitor chairs or ergonomically shaped task / operating products, each and every one of which presented in a perfect color and material harmony.
The project was a great success and its implementation in the model branch in Bucharest was immediately appreciated by the client, by Allen International reps and by the end users which are the branch operators. It was immediately followed by the implementation of the concept in a series of other branches in Bucharest until it started to expand in the country side.


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