As a general fact, any commercial activity uses space planing to define internal spacial areas, define circulation patterns, design plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement.

Space planning services consider numerous design parameters, including the client’s project goals and pri-orities, the client’s organizational structure and relationships, space allo- cation criteria, building codes and access for the disabled, furniture stan- dards, circulation and work flow, design considerations, the constraints of fixed building elements and building system interfaces, security and privacy issues, and flexibility for accommodating future space needs.

Clients who want to use existing space more efficiently or tenants required to do their own interior fit-outs often require space planning services. In particular, the interiors of older facilities may need reorganization to accommodate new equipment or new work processes.

Organizations that have grown, downsized, or simply reorganized may need space planning services. Because organizational change is occurring faster than in the past, many organizations want to maximize the flexibility of interior spaces so they can accommodate change efficiently. This service plays an ongoing support role to facility managers who must respond to churn rates. In these cases, the consultant may be assigned responsibility for interior design and space planning, while the facility manager covers pro-gramming, operations and business planning, and day-to-day adjacency and equipment needs.

 First and foremost, space planning requires the ability to visualize space in three dimensions and a keen sense of composition, scale, and proportion. Technical knowledge and familiarity with furniture and equipment are required to make dimensional calculations, propose appropriate furniture options (custom, ready-made, modular, systems, etc.), specify ergonomically appropriate furniture and equipment, and comply with applicable building and fire codes.

Taking advantage of our contract operations, Interior Resources is able to provide turn-key fit-out operations, from the early planning stages through project close-out.

We are supporting our clients by building an interior space according the client's exact expectations and indicated specifications. As contracting party we are merely undertaking the design responsibility and follow the right steps in order to achieve it.

Following the structure of the space plan or architecture indications, fit-out works represent a consequence and a thorough follow up of them: budget breakdowns, usually included within space planning services represents the basic of the construction documentation of the interior space and is leaded by the specification indicated for the furniture, furnishings and equipment.

Turnkey operations means delivering a location ready for immediate occupation which is exactly what we are offering, covering all the steps necessary in order to assure a smooth transition from the space selection process of our clients to the construction coordination and complete installation of the specified products.

In time we provided many turnkey projects: Unilever SouthCentral Europe, Deloitte, Japanese Embassy in Bucharest, ABB Romania, Porsche Romania, BancPost, Euroline Retail Services, Baumax HQ, Primagaz Romania, Domo Retail and many others. We'd like to thank those who allowed us to perform on their behalf and invite others to try our services.

We are ready to answer any question you may have in looking for a company to fulfill your needs in this field. The puzzle of setting up your new office interior according to your expectation has no secrets for us.

Our experience of working closely with the HR and/or finance departments within companies, or follow the individual move management needs of the families, allowed us to provide full support of domestic and commercial relocation services.

This very complex project must be scheduled beforehand and in-depth studied for a successful implementation of the service as scheduled. From the initial space planning, to estimating the volume to move, to provision of the right packaging and labels, study of the relocation management schedule and to the physical move time and labor, we cover the full service assuring a smooth process for the individual or the corporation. 

Even corporate employee relocation as an additional service required by our clients could be offered as complementary service to our existing clients.

The corporate or residential aspect of the relocation could be also supported by a temporary furniture supply in order to cover shorter or longer term furniture needs until the supply of the new products

In time, based on our clients requests, we started providing our clients such a service as furniture or other product warehousing. Weather client wishes to reposition their goods in a new facility in Bucharest or they need shorter or longer term storage facility for their goods, we are capable to offer this service under a continuos procedure.

The warehouse process involves receiving inventory, storing it, and making it available for delivery upon clients' request. The warehouse process is rarely the core competency of a company, thus by using a 3rd party warehousing service, significant time and money can be saved.

Outsourcing your warehousing services, your company can relieve itself of the time-consuming responsibility to focus on your key drivers (marketing, product development, etc.).

As an immediate consequence of any product supply, we offer product installation, maintenance and warranty services to our clients. In order to serve the ever changing needs of the modern office environments, we are capable to handle the installation of the modular systems, freestanding office furniture, installation of aluminum frame or gypsum plaster partitions, heavy duty traffic carpet, tiles, window blinds or rolls, etc.

In order to help our clients preserve their products: the relocation of the office furniture, modular partitions and equipment are in the area of our expertise. We could tackle any kind of jobs from the delivery of a single chair to installing hundreds of workstations. During the installation process, we offer, free-of-charge instructions for the use of furniture products delivered, especially for the use of ergonomic office chairs mechanisms. Since the ergonomic studies offers the users to possibility to eliminate the pressure points within long seating postures, we make sure that your employees know how to handle the technical aspect of a chair setup.

Every year, as a standard, we provide furniture assessment and maintenance services, desks or cabinets alignment, chairs fabrics cleanup or other maintenance service in order to make sure furniture is well preserved and long term lasting.

In the case when any manufacturing fault comes up during the warranty period, we facilitate our client the supply of the necessary parts that are installed by our professional logistic teams. A claim should be submitted in writing, then all you need to do is to let us handle the issue until the claim has been solved.

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