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Porsche Leasing Romania IFN

Within 4 years of the execution of the award winning Porsche Romania Building in Pipera, Architect Service designed for Porsche Group Romania an extension to the existing importer building.

The extension was conceived as a part of the initial volume, the curb shape of the new building was covering partially the cylindric body, in a concentric way. The interior design follows the intention of the architect to create a bright body from the chromatic point of view, like a negative to the anthracite of the main cylinder.

Furniture and partitions provided match this bright aspect, the transparency of the mesh backrest of the chairs and chromatics of the main furniture items illustrate perfectly such an idea. The modern, dismountable partition create a fantastic effect in relation to the external curved shape of the outside walls. As an exceptional product, we supplied a curved mobile wall, studied very carefully with Dorma in order to maintain and separate the conference areas at the upper floor.


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