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Ever since mid-2000's, Interior Resources stands as a reliable and sound partner for DentalMed - the most luxurious dental clinic in Romania. As the official service provider of the Romanian Royal House, DentalMed is the first dental clinic recommended by its clients in Bucharest, due to its professionalism, efficient use of cutting-edge technology, logistic management and internal organization: investigation, treatment and monitoring.
DentalMed has nowadays 250,000 registered patients that are treated regularly, around 10% of them being foreign citizens that come to Bucharest for treatment. The internal headcount numbers over 60 people, both Romanian and foreign specialists assure a personalized treatment for each individual client.
The excellent level of service and treatment assured a steady yearly growth, 2013 illustrating a 40% growth of the turnover comparing to the previous year.
Located in an outstanding 700 sq. extended space in central Bucharest near Marriott Hotel, DentalMed benefits from surgery room, imaging areas, conference rooms for seminars, live surgery facilities, places dedicated to children care, thus developing an educational center.


Barrio Residence Bucuresti
Str. Maior Alexandru Campeanu No.4-6, Sector 1, Bucharest 011237
+40 749 928 486
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