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Colina Motors

Colina Motors has built its own headoffice in the North part of Bucharest and the architect requested highly designed furniture products.

We supplied Unifor Mood line on wood veneer finish indicated exactly as per their specification. We provided executive meeting furnitures, executive working areas, as well as reception products matching the environment.
Kasol Group architecture intended to match the unique architecture project with a fabulous interior. We thank them for their trust and choice in our products.

Due to the professionalism and implication we showed in this project, Colina Motors invited us to furbish their concept braned show-room in Popesti Leordeni, task that we have managed to resume very well, under the client's appreciation.


Barrio Residence Bucuresti
Str. Maior Alexandru Campeanu No.4-6, Sector 1, Bucharest 011237
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