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Adevarul Holding

Adevarul Holding represents one of the main accounts we have aquired. During the relocation of the Newspaper from the Media House Building to the new Pipera headoffice, we concluded the contract of supply the necessary furniture to equip the office space.

Over 1000 working stations: ergonomic desks with metal structure and vertical and horizontal cable management, desk division separation of each individual office, ergonomic task chairs with multiple adjustments for offices, special designed conference solutions, conference chairs, custom designed reception units raised on a special construction (15 cm above the floor height) as well as executive furniture were supplied during the period when we cooperated with the client.

The continuous change of management at the beginning of the economic crisis made cooperation with the client a rather difficult one and we stopped cooperation when the newspaper started to avoid paying its dues.

We'd like to express our gratitude to Razvan Corneteanu former General Manager of the Institution, for his choice, his professionalism and his respect towards the relationship with his suppliers, whom he understood that he needs to rely on, in order to help him fulfill the rest of the management tasks.


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