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Picking up the cloths from own wardrobe could be either a simple activity, but we could easily turn it into a vibration, emotion or pleasant activity, which is performed in a space which is perfectly harmonized with the rest of the house or bedroom. If we use a cupboard to store the clothes, then why don’t we do this in a piece of furniture that could incorporate the technology, that have wide and tall mirrors, or with a perfect finishing which could be also covered in leather? We offer all these accessories and many others that could be adapted to the style or the creativity of the interior designer who created the decoration project.
For those people who have organized the cloths storage into a separate room – so named walk-in closet – we have solutions to utilize these room according to the will of the Beneficiary. This solution offers the possibility to keep the clothes visible, organized and clean, that should be frequently aerated in order to maintain the freshness and property for more time. These areas could be either closed with large sliding doors, or they might be integrated into the design of the bedroom. Accessories in these areas could be done according to the style of furniture and desire of the beneficiary.


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