Flooring & Lounge

Florring of a house represents a clearly defined element, adapted to the style of the house, as well as to the degree of utilisation of that particular zone(s) of the house. If we wish to open up the house for guests or relatives frequently, then we should be using a more resilient florring either ceramic, or ceramic coating protected or composite woods. For private or semi-private zones, we should use elements of confort: thick untibacterial carpet or natural multilayer wood flooring in colours, parameters and thickness that allow to be incorporated into the whole.
The lounge of the home is an important zone where we can use comfortable sofas that come with interesting design and are finished with quality materials, which makes them resilient to wear and confortable to use. We use here the products of one of the largest furniture manufature in Italy – Doimo, whos Doimo Salotti catalogue offers an extraordinary variety of products to chose from.

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